Conditions We Treat

Do you have a pet in need of veterinary care? The staff at Preston Animal Clinic in Cambridge are eager to help you out. Keep reading to learn more about the conditions we treat and how we can help you and your pet out.

The veterinarians at Preston Animal Clinic treat a variety of conditions. These conditions include:

We also provide urgent care to help with issues such as:

  • injuries
  • difficulty breathing
  • trauma
  • eye issues
  • seizures
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • poisoning

If your pet is experiencing any of these issues, take them to the nearest veterinary urgent care provider immediately. 

Please contact us if your pet has a unique condition that needs to be treated as well.

How We Treat Conditions

We treat these conditions based on what the initial diagnosis is. Bring your pet in for a yearly wellness exam. We can check on the overall health of your pet during this exam, and treat any illnesses or injuries that we discover. 

When one of our veterinarians performs a wellness exam on your pet, we can then diagnose any conditions your pet has. Once the diagnosis is made, we will then recommend and start a treatment or series of treatments based on your pet’s condition. 

For fleas and ticks, we can give medicated baths to help get rid of them. It’s best to prevent these from happening with oral medications, collars, or ointments. A cat or dog with heart-worms need to be treated immediately before the condition worsens. Heart-worms can be easily prevented with topical or oral drugs. 

For more serious conditions, surgery may be needed. A broken bone or injury to the muscles or other soft tissue, stomach issues, and tumors from cancer may best be handled through surgery. Anesthesia is given to your pet to keep them and our staff safe during surgery. 

What You Can Do

Bring your pet in for their yearly wellness exam. We can give them a physical and provide preventative medications to help keep away heart-worms, fleas, and ticks. We can also check for signs of illness or injury and get your pet treated. Please contact our animal hospital for any questions you may have about our practice. We are here to help your pet out.

Cambridge Veterinarians

Make an appointment today to let us get your pet back in their best health. You can visit us at Preston Animal Clinic, 1606 King St. E., Cambridge, Ontario. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling 519-653-7232